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Can I get an Encore? Classic Products we’d Love to See Remastered!

Anyone who’s been creating anything for awhile knows one thing: the more you do something, the better you get at doing it! As we learn

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Time for a Res-erection! Waking the Dead 2 Review

Recently, we’ve been talking about ‘old’ 3D sets and classics we might want to see remade. Artists get better, software and hardware improves, you know

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Switch it Up With Nonsane’s “SWITCH”

One day, you’re just a hot chick in the future who wants an illegal dildo, the next, you’re a totally sex addicted futa with a

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Sugar on the Beach – Summer Time review

In the last few weeks of summer, we want to capture and enjoy the magic of the sun and the beach before the leaves turn

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Fresh Futa Rewind: Top 3 New Futa Releases

Have you ever heard of a ‘first world’ problem? I’ve got one for you right here: there have been so many futa releases recently, they’ve

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Sexy Solace in September: Top New products!

As the summer comes to a close (it’s not quite over yet!) it’s easy to get a little burned out from the transition. This is

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Best Friends Are For Milking – White Room by 3dx851

We like to talk about the benefits of having a futa girlfriend. You have a gorgeous female playmate to fool around with, together some big

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Strike a pose and cum! New Futa Release by Codemonkey3DX

We’ve been taking on a lot of new artists recently, which has been amazing, but I, personally, am especially stoked when we get fresh futa

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The Warden, The Goddess, And The Step Sister – New Products On The Shop

We like to keep busy. What can we say? We just love what we do, and there is so much good stuff out there, that

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One Giant Leap into the Future! Crypto Currency now Accepted at NGP

Since day one of our store launch, NGP has been dedicated to providing every 3DX connoisseur with a superior shopping experience. We’re serious (and seriously