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Learning to Be a Futa Toy in Hell

Being turned into a gorgeous futa demon with a tail and luscious black hair isn’t easy for everybody, but don’t worry! We all can learn

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Shots in the Dark and Fluid Art: Why is Cum so Hard to Render?

Where is all the good cum?? Why is it so hard to animate?! I’ve seen the complaint from a thousand different people in many different

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We Love You, So We Give You Free Porn

What’s better than high quality, legal, meticulously curated 3DX porn? The answer is: high quality, legal, meticulously curated 3DX porn… for free! The world is

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From Hell It Came, and Splooched

Big futas from Hell with demonic monstrous cock. What’s not to like about them? From the mysterious depths of the bottomless pit, a slew of

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Have More Fun with Morfium!

Morfium’s sets remind me of ordering good take out. Why, you may ask? Because good take out must meet several requirements. It must be tasty:

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A Noob’s guide to Rendering Software

Here at NGP, we’re just as invested in artists as we are in consumers. In fact, many of you are both! That being said, we

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Miki3DX: Latex suit asset

In these trying times, we could all use a little more color. A little more texture. A little more protection. If you’re a 3D creator

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3DX porn is here to stay: here’s why

If you’re reading this, that’s either because you already know what 3DX porn is, or ‘cause you’re curious. (If it’s the latter, then, welcome! We

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Liria & Gwen – by Morfium

The best thing about 3DX is that it can be used to bring modern fairytales to life. No fantasy is impossible to depict, and an