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Ashe Valenti Interview

Cafe: We’ve got a special treat for all you futanari fans out there! This is our very first interview with a writer, and it just

Ashley Sugar Comic Free stuff futanari interviews

Interview: Ashley Sugar

Frideld: What motivated you to become a 3DX artist? Did you learn by yourself or did you have a mentor or teacher? Ashley Sugar: This

FUGTRUP interviews Mr X-Bash Rule34 video games

Mr X-Bash Interview: FUGTRUP

Oddly enough, We have followed Fugtrup’s work for while. There’s a lot to be said about their work that ee’ve gotten to see that jumps

interviews Major Guardian Mr X-Bash

Mr X-Bash interview: Major Guardian

Major Guardian. Sounds more like the main character in a videogame than an artist. Well, there’s no need to worry. I can attest that both

DesireSFM interviews Mr X-Bash

Mr X-Bash Interview: DesireSFM

Okay, so we all collectively know what SFM is for… MAKING MOVIES. Well, DesireSFM is killing it. What we have to take away from their

Gifdoozer interviews Rule34 SFM

Interview: Gifdoozer

Frideld: You have a quite peculiar Twitter bio. “Erotic illustrator. Because saying I’m a porn animator might be misleading.” What did you mean when you

interviews Mr X-Bash Tiaz-3dx

Mr X-Bash Interview: Tiaz-3dx

It’s difficult to say, but we’re pretty sure Tiaz enjoys himself some Overwatch. Oh, also he’s an ass-man. Definitely an ass-man. He’s an evangelist and

interviews Puppetmaster

Interview: Puppetmaster

It’s always amazing to speak with artists directly about their work, but every now and then we get the opportunity to speak with prolific creators

interviews Jester Mr X-Bash

Nextgenporn collaboration with Mr X-Bash

Why do we love interviews so much here at NGP? Sure, it’s always fascinating to learn about a creator’s motivation, but what is so compelling

interviews Miki3dx

Interview: Mistress Janine

Cafe: Thanks so much for agreeing to do an interview with us, Mistress Janine! Mistress Janine: Yes, but let’s make this quick, my diary is