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Review: Lara and the Jade Skull – by Forged3DX

There are two kinds of people in this world: those that say that Lara Croft is hot af, and those who lie. The tomb raider

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If a Goblin Cums in the Forest, Does He Still Moan?

A good fantasy setting could be the best way to get our mind off our current troubles and give ourselves some well-deserved space. In this

3DZen Artist Focus Fantasy futanari

Artist focus: 3DZen

Seeing your favourite video game girl straddle some inches is good and all, but it’s also great when 3DX artists come up with their own

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Pushing the boundaries of gender with 3DX

Good porn, live action or otherwise, allows us to explore our kinks and fantasies beyond the limitations of our daily lives. Even more, on top

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Monster Sex, really??

Yeah, really. One of the best things about 3DX (and other forms of erotic render and illustration, for that matter) is that they literally let

Elves Elyria Steele Fantasy futanari interviews video games

Interview: Elyria Steele

We had the pleasure to interview 3DX artist and adult-oriented writer Elyria Steele. She told us how she got started in the world of 3DX,

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Miki3DX: Latex suit asset

In these trying times, we could all use a little more color. A little more texture. A little more protection. If you’re a 3D creator

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The geekiest tropes in 3DX porn – part 2

Here we are, back to discuss more of the great tropes 3DX has become known for. Make sure to check out part 1 if you

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The geekiest tropes in 3DX porn – part 1

Ah, tropes. Repeating motifs we go back to again and again, because they have proved how much enjoyment they can provide. We all have our