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We love Futadiversity!

We love 3D girls, (obviously) and many of us are huge fans of futa! As a genre, futanari has probably seen the most explosive growth (literally

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Shots in the Dark and Fluid Art: Why is Cum so Hard to Render?

Where is all the good cum?? Why is it so hard to animate?! I’ve seen the complaint from a thousand different people in many different

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Review: The Buck – By AgentRedGirl

What’s this? Another Agent Red Girl animation review? Why, yes, yes it is! You may have caught our ‘Doe Dick’ review some time ago, perhaps?

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Review: Doe Dick

You’ve probably noticed this already, but we here at NGP are a little obsessed with 3DX. So much so, in fact, that we can recognize

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Interview: Agent Red Girl

Cafe: Hello everyone, we here at NGP are beyond excited to talk with an artist who needs no introduction! Agentredgirl, thank you so much for