August is flying by like crazy! Seriously, where has the summer gone?! Speaking of crazy, have you heard about our crazy good summer sale that we’re running all throughout the month? By now, you probably have, but we’re here to remind you, again!

This week, it’s all about guy on girl action with each of our ‘straight’ products on sale for a sizzling 30% off. With all that leftover scratch, you’ll have plenty left over to buy yourself something nice, like a new pair of shoes, some early halloween decorations, or hell, how about some more 3D porn?!

If you’re keen on seeing some bodacious babes getting railed by hung dudes, but you’re not sure where to start, allow me to recommend a few selections from our summer celler…

Night In: A Group Sex Odyssey by Taziota

(One needn’t look much further than Taziota when seeking guy on girl content. “Night in” is one of my particular favorites, probably because of the orgy theme…I mean, what’s not to like about more than one couple getting it on as a group?)

The girls were all primed and ready for a fun night of clubbing! They were sitting around Ivy’s condo, pregaming with some cocktails, when Abigail and Robyn discover Ivy’s porn collection. The two get hot and bothered and immediately start going at it, and Ivy walks in to discover their appreciation of her stash.

Ivy jumps right into the action, but suddenly remembers that the boys are waiting for them at the bar. She shoots them a text, telling them that the ‘after party’ has already started, and Aaron and Takeshi don’t need much more prodding than that!

This gorgeous 101 image set has everything you need for a ‘night in’ of your own! Two well hung dudes pound three smoking hot, willing girls in almost every position you can think of. Who needs the club when you can stay home, save money and still get your ‘shots’ in??

By the way, if you’re digging group sex as a theme, check out Taziota’s latest set “Instalust”! It’s got that great combination of girl on girl play (with huge tits to match, of course) and DPing and cumshots for dessert! Taziota’s girls really enjoy putting on a show, so really, you can’t go wrong with any of their content.

Mischievous Fight Club- by Gonzo Studios

(Gonzo is another fantastic artist who has a great selection of straight content! This set is a fine introduction to their work, but if you like what you see, I would highly recommend the “Chatterley” series.)

You all know the first rule of fight club? Don’t talk about it! Well, mischievous fight club is a little different, at least as far as Helen is concerned. She wouldn’t mind if everyone talked about her!

The fit, big titted brunette has spent a lot of time teasing the guys who’ve been training at the local boxing club. She’s decided that she’s through teasing them, but she’s not gonna give it up so easily. She arranges a boxing match and puts up a coveted prize…herself!

72 high quality images (with dialogue!) featuring a gym brat being stuffed by two hot blooded boxers! Helen gets what’s coming to her, but she takes it like a champ (in the ass) as the victors perform a different kind of pounding in the ring.

Residential Evil Series- by 3DZen

This series now has five parts in it, and it’s a bit of a deviation from traditional “straight” stuff. Why is it here? Because many people enjoy seeing smoking hot girls getting dicked, but they’re tired of traditional straight porn and even futa. What’s left? Monsters, of course!

Over the course of hundreds of images over five chapters, 3DZen embraces the tropeyness of the video game horror genre and turns it into something magical. Follow Jill Redfold and her busty, ditzy friends as they stumble upon zombies with raging ‘undead’ boners, mutated dogs and even tentacle monsters! The XXX virus may be a bit more than they can handle, and they just can’t seem to stop getting impregnated by all those gosh darned, huge cocked mutants! This is an absolute must have for all you survival ‘whore’ genre enthusiasts out there… 


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