Some time ago, we featured a special, exercise themed futa/futa set for all you size comparison junkies out there: “A Big Impression”.

Futasy enjoyed working on the themes so much that they decided to make a sequel: “No pain, no bang”!

Kimiko and Ashley are reloaded, recharged and back at it for your viewing pleasure! For those of you who don’t know, Kimiko is one of Futasy’s token ‘smol’ girls, but her sexual appetite is anything but small. In this follow up story, the peppy Japanese futa is all set for her first private lesson with her new, well muscled friend.

By the by, we’re offering both chapters in a bundle for you futa loving gym rats! (Or gym rats at heart) Buy em’ in a set for big gains and double the fun (and cum) and see why we love selling things in ‘sets’ ;).

Ashley takes her body building seriously, and she’s excited to teach Kimiko everything she knows about weight training. Kimiko starts out strong, but after a while, well…

It’s a well known fact that futanari have a hard time focusing when they’re horny, and Kimiko forgot to jack off before she arrived! It’s tough to lift weights when you’re pitching a tent in your shorts, but Ashley isn’t gonna give it up until Kimiko is feeling the burn!

If you enjoyed the first iron pumpin’ chapter, you’ll love this 42 image sequel! Just like the first, it’s fully narrated and packed to the brim with all those juicy details you love! Teasing, denial and equal reward for effort are the main themes here, all revolving around workouts, benches and ‘bars’, particularly the big one between Ashley’s legs. Kimiko might just find the gumption she needs to keep up with her training, but when she inevitably goes too far (as she does) will Ashley be able to bear the ‘load’ or will they both crack (and release) under the pressure?


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