Futa lovers of all sizes and shapes, gather around! We have an announcement. We have the pleasure to let you know that a brand new artists has joined the growing family of NextGenPorn! Everyone give a warm welcome to the one, the only, CodeMonkey3DX!

This delightful artist models stunning women with stilised shapes and some of the best skin textures you can find online! His colourful original characters, most of which are endowed with massively long schlongs, love to get in trouble and fool around while letting their lustful desires take control. We now proudly offer two of their best stories, for your pleasure! Give CodeMonkey3DX a try, it’s a one-way trip and you’ll be glad it’s that way.

Fuck After Class

High-school is hard enough in itself, but when you are a futa with a long cock screaming for some action, it can get even more challenging! In the two-parter Stay After School, Lexi and her friend Charlotte get detention, but her dick is peaking out of her skirt, hungry for Charlotte’s pussy. As soon as their milfy teacher Miss Jenkins leaves the classroom, it doesn’t take much convincing for Charly to let Lexi make her see the stars!

But uh-oh, Miss Jenkins has returned, and caught the girls doing the dirty! She can report them… unless they give the teacher’s own dick some love and attention…

Riding The Morning Wood

In this titillating one-shot titled Don’t You Love Rainy Days, Morgan wakes up from her wet dreams with a massive hard-on. Desperate to get some relief for her horniness, she decides that playing with herself is the best thing to do. But oh, if only, a hot girl was there to truly satisfy her lust…

And isn’t she lucky! Right in the middle of her masturbation, a pair of high heels enter her field of vision! It’s her friend Ashley, who gets instantly wet seeing such a morning wood point at her. Now Morgan is going to get a way happier ending than she thought!


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