Don’t you love it when you buy a product that looks kinda okay, maybe… and then when you actually look at it, it turns out to be a gem of kinky debauchery? Nice surprises are the best surprises, and you know, hidden among the ever growing NGP catalogue, we have a few products that are more than meets the eye! They might get overlooked by many, but we have taken a closer look at them, and oh boy, aren’t they worth every penny. 

So we invite you to check out these underrated beauties, featuring monster sex, fantasy races, and alien lifeforms who are just in the perfect mood for some big fat cock.

A Goblin with The Best Bad Luck

Otbjacko brings us this big, fat and juicy pile of hundreds of lewd images and sexy shenanigans in his long series “Odd Job Otis”. Featuring Otis, the goblin, these stories follow the small creature and his unreasonably hot female companions as he takes, accordingly, the odd job here and there. But of course, as it couldn’t be any other way, his quests always take him to unexpected situations where he finds himself with a hot, dripping pussy around his cock. It happens.

Don’t Run by The Pool… Let The Monster Catch You

In this titillating one-shot from Fantasy Erotic, an unsuspecting blonde beauty sunbathes naked by the pool, as you do. To nobody’s surprise (but hers), an alien-looking monster with a raging boner emerges from the waters! This fine lady is just about to experience the complete list of sex positions this lustful creature has in its repertoire, and it’s a lot, my friends!

An Alien Hottie in Your Room

Sexy alien chicks on your screen are nice and all, but why not make them leap out of it and lie down on your bed? Well, thanks to our man Alexgoldxx, now you can experience exactly that! With a complete VR experience, Sex in Space lets you take a nice and close look at this literally out-of-this-world beauty, as she eagerly pleases herself, and then her readied pussy plays with your cock! 


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