Oddly enough, We have followed Fugtrup’s work for while. There’s a lot to be said about their work that ee’ve gotten to see that jumps in front of us. Fugtrup has an interesting eye, an interesting attraction to subject matter, their own voice, and a lot of attitude in their work. It’s not just how flawless their work is, or all the tiny details. There’s something more going on here you don’t see often.

Some 3D animators understand that there are things that 3D and animation can do that other mediums just can’t. Fugtrup understands this. Their looped animations and gifs in particular have so much life and expression to them that really sell their believability. They’re composed like singular paintings you could hang on your wall, and yet they live and breathe and fuck in front of you.

On top of this technical mastery, Fugtrup’s unique interpretations of character adds to their believability and often feels like they’re depicting the “secret desires” of our favorite characters. Maybe We’re seeing Mei’s or Quiet’s deepest fantasies and not just my own being enacted, which is refreshing. Maybe Zelda is kind of a freak with a royal pussy and Link just wants to be a cute sub fem boi with her. Them fucking together like a team is actually one of my favorite interpretations of those two characters. A lot of this borders on fucking porn parody and We love it because we feel like there is some truth here which is a lot of fun.

Their work isn’t just worth checking out, it’s worth making a permanent place in your collection. If you wanna get to know your favorite characters, get to know them the way Fugtrup does.



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