We’ve got three new sets from 3DZen in the NGP store! One of my favorite things about 3DZen is that they know how to make sex fun, sultry and passionate, while still keeping things light. All three of these offerings have two things in common:

They all feature hot chicks with dicks!


Those chicks love shooting cum out of said dicks!

Office ASSets

Between conducting therapy sessions and running her business, Regina is a busy woman. The paperwork, especially, is a major hassle, which is exactly why she’s hired a fresh outta college blonde to help her with it.

Anya has virtually no experience with administration work, which becomes clear when she messes up Regina’s paperwork. Regina, of course, makes it clear that she only expects a few key ASSets from her administrators: be young, sexy, and able to take her monstrous 13 inch cock!

Through 84 high quality images, you’ll notice immediately that Regina is a heavy cummer! One blowjob isn’t enough, neither are two anal creampies, as the blonde Anya struggles to satisfy her boss. Even after stuffing her pussy to the absolute breaking point, Regina still has enough jizz left inside of her for a creampie full cum bath!

 No matter how much practice Anya had fucking frat boys in college, it might not be enough to save her from the nearly endless cum hose of her boss’s dick, but then, she might enjoy it so much that she’ll ‘accidentally’ mess up the paperwork every day…

Massage in a Bottle

The athletic, lithe brunette, Brianna, wants to splurge on a nice, relaxing massage to kick off her weekend. She meets with the beautiful Erika, a massage therapist with high ratings, to unwind. Erika is very good at what she does, but when it comes to certain female clients she has a tendency to… lose control.

Erika goes about her business, running her hands over the nubile girl’s body. She’s already rock hard from staring at Erika’s bare ass, her shapely hourglass figure and her small, delicious looking tits, so it isn’t long before she reaches for a bottle of aphrodisiac laden massage oil.  Things get out of hand when she uses a bit too much (like the whole bottle!) and just like she hoped, Brianna falls under the influence of the oil and gets frisky!

Watch two chicks go bananas on each other over 75 high resolution images! Erika puts her nearly 2 foot long cock to good use, sticking it way down into Brianna’s throat and ass. Brianna indulges in her relaxing pre-weekend massage by riding Erika cowgirl (both ways!) and receiving a HUMONGOUS facial for her hard work. Now that’s what I call a massage session! 


Freshman Dorm

It’s Lauren’s first semester of college, and she’s super stoked when she meets her roommate, Shannon, for the first time! It seems that both girls have a lot in common: They’re both outrageously sexy, petite framed firecrackers, and they’re both freshmen. Shannon, however, has some uncertainties about her new dorm mate: she’s almost certain that her new blonde friend is hiding something under her skirt…

Lauren goes to take a nap, and Shannon gives in to her curiosity and lifts the covers. Lo and behold, she finds exactly what she was hoping to see: a cute freshman futanari cock for her to suck on! Barely able to contain herself, Shannon goes to work doing what sluts do best, and when Lauren inevitably wakes up, she’s more than happy to oblige her new roommate!

55 images of two petite college girls making out and fucking! I mean, shit, that’s already hot enough, right? If you like chicks with small tits and sweet pairings (and mouth creampies) this set is a must buy. The two roommates won’t have to worry about being lonely this semester, but they might miss a few classes while they study each other… 


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