Don’t you love it when you get good stuff for cheap? Not all great things out there are expensive, and here at NGP, we are no exception! You can find amazing image sets and full erotic comics for less than 10 bucks, all written and rendered by top tier artists! In this occasion, we suggest our top 3 futa stories to treat yourself with, for $9,95 or less.

Cellmate – Familiarity, by Futanarica

A short-haired girl is ruthlessly tossed inside a jail cell; her clothes torn and her spirits down. And who does she find there? Harley Queen, the futa! The pig-tailed woman immediately recognizes that her new cellmate needs something comforting, and what better than a girthy cock for that? 

Dickgirl Heaven – Bride Bang, by Gonzo Studios

They say that a wedding is the most important day of a woman’s life, and these two women getting married will make sure they live up to it! So they celebrate their union with an orgy, of course, what better way to do that? Lesbian sex, futa sex, elegant dresses and a wedding cock ring featured in this 74-page comic. In the end, they get covered up in white, but it’s not cake!

Future sex, by Nonsane

In the first chapter of this sci-fi dystopic series, we learn that technology has advanced to a point that humans developed giant intelligent dildos with crazy functionalities. These toys of pleasure have become so powerful that the government decided to prohibit their use, but some ladies hide from the law and smuggle some of these wonderful pieces of sex tech. 

In this hi-res image set, we see what happens with a horny girl in her futuristic skimpy attire tries one of these dildos on herself. This is just the beginning of a long series featuring futas, orgies, gangbang with cyber cops, and dickgirl transformation!


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