Looking for some imaginative, sexy futa action in remote locations? Do you want to travel with your imagination to magical lands where stunningly hot women fuck each other and have close encounters with not-so-human beasts of lust? Then Redrobot3D is your man, and here, we highlight his three best selling products. Take a look at our list and make your pick! (You can get all three too, hey, we don’t mind!)

Secretary Seduction 2

This sequel to the popular lesbic story “Secretary Seduction” caters to those naughty, mischievous readers who fancy themselves some boob growth! Amy meets again with the stunning Star, who not too long ago initiated her in the path of woman-on-woman fun. But now, something magic happens in their hotel room…

While pleasuring each other with a double dildo, they find out that every time they come, their tits get bigger and bigger! This soon becomes a competition as they both fuck each other enthusiastically, eager to find out how huge their melons can become.

Captain Maia – Pirate Parley

The sculptural and busty Captain Maia needs allies to defeat the Spanish Fleet and get all the bounty. And she knows very well which kind of “arguments” she will use in her favor. She has to convince a pirate fallen from grace, and an Asian futa who doesn’t look very easy to persuade! The gorgeous pirate Maia will have to use all her tricks and her “diplomatic abilities” to get them all on their side before the big battle.

The Bitcher – Wild Cunt

In this futa monster story, the huntress Siri gets tasked with rescuing the cursed daughter of the Innkeeper. She was vanished from town after growing a huge dick, and then she fell prey to a nasty werewolf! Now Siri has to find a way to get her back, but the transformed futa now has developed the hunger of a beast! Will Siri manage to set her free, or will she fall victim to the monster’s unholy desires? 


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