I’m sure there are more than a few of us that know down to the character, down to the moment, right when they felt those first few pangs of lust and admiration for a great character. Media has a really profound effect on us. It’s why we do what we do. Some of us set out to satisfy that primal craving we have. Max Mad is one of those people. They felt the itch we all feel playing our favourite games, watching our favourite shows, and reading our favourite books. Then like other artists, they scratch.

Max Mad isn’t shy about this or where they draw their inspiration from. For them, it’s less about some lofty pursuit and more about providing a service, both for their own sanity and for the sanity of others. It’s a duty sometimes to just release the fucking valve and help others to do likewise.

Their library underscores what we all feel, what we need sometimes, and they demonstrate that anyone can step up and let their imaginations run wild. We’re thankful for their efforts. It’s a mad world out there.


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