If it’s summertime in your corner of the world, you may be experiencing some hotter weather. I wish I could tell you that we’re here to help cool you down, but with these top Futa releases, we’re only making things heat up even more!

Nikki’s Bimbo Training Advanced by Fab3DX

What’s better than a sexy girl who wants nothing more than to transform into a full fledged bimbo? Answer: A full fledged bimbo with an addiction for huge futanari cock!

Hot off the press, and dressed to impress, this is part two in Fab3DX’ Nikki’s Bimbo training series!

No longer bound by a latex suit, Nikki wakes up in a strange place. Her mistress sends her an enigmatic text, and soon Nikki is undergoing the makeover of her life. Nikki barely recognizes herself as she presents herself to her waiting Mistress. Leonie is as strict and unflinching as ever, but soon gives ground when she realizes just how much her eager slave has learned.

Woo! Part 2 is nice and big at 108 4K images. Oh, did I mention there’s a small animation, as well? In part 1, poor Nikki didn’t even get to cum, but perhaps she’s learned her lesson and is ready to earn her completion? If you like detailed, close up penetration, toy play, orgasm denial and dominant teasing, you will LOVE this set! Stick around for the surprise ending, too…Nikki may be cramming for her next lesson.

Friendly Competition by Crazysky3D

Yet another recent release that’s as fresh and fiery as a hot summer salsa!

CrazySky’s girls are lounging around and talking with a new guy they just met, Eric. Eric seems studly enough, and everything is going fine until he starts talking a big game about how big his dick is. What Eric doesn’t know, is that he’s sitting in a room with two horse hung dickgirls and a lusty female who’s used to taking massive girl dongs. Before long, they decide to have a contest to see who “measures” up, and, needless to say, Eric is quite humbled by the experience!

If measuring as a kink is as near and dear to your heart as it is mine, this is a must have! Find out how Sky’s signature dickgirls compare to common objects like water bottles, and, of course, the token forearm measurement. How about a little sip of mild SPH (fans know what this is) and some bonus content featuring a womb stuffing creampie?

Whatever your tastes are, CrazySky went above and beyond by adding so many different alts that everyone is sure to be happy.

 Don’t like dudes mingled with your dickgirls? No problem, Sky’s got an alt that takes him out! Are you a staunchly metric or imperial unit monger? You won’t have to compromise! Sky’s got both inches and CM on their measuring tape, so you can ogle the girls’ length and girth however you see fit!

Crazysky packs all this (somehow) into an awesome, high def, 45 image set. Aside from all the alts, (so many alts) there are an additional 20 bonus images! You don’t think the gals would get all hot and bothered and then not do something about it, do you?

Cosplay Reprisal by 3DZen

Dr. Carlson returns, and she’s dying to examine Mave, the barbarian. She’s been pestering the muscular cosplayer forever, and Mave finally gets fed up and meets the doctor for lunch to have a chat about boundaries. During lunch, (which takes place in 3DZen’s futa diner, of course) the doctor slips a tranquilizer into Mave’s shake. (Miranda’s famous cum shake, that is!) πŸ˜‰

Mave is transported while unconscious, but when she comes to, she decides to give the doctor a ‘probing’ of her own as payback…with her 15 inch monster dong!

This is another amazing set from 3DZen, with no skimpy amount of content at 100 renders! Dr. Carlson gets girl meat in every one of her tight holes as she’s ‘punished’ for being pushy. If you enjoy the idea of a beefy, muscular futa domming another futa, there really isn’t anything else to consider!

Futa Friends: Sayuri & Liza by 3DX851

Some comics have a storyline, and those are always great, but sometimes, you just want to see girls fucking.

3DX851 cuts the crap and gets right to the action in this solid 75 image set. Sayuri and Liza are two futa friends with benefits, but their ‘bennies’ go way beyond what any normal girl is packing.

Cohesive sentences aren’t even necessary for this, seriously! Big ol’ titties, hugemongous (yeah, I spelled it right) thick AF futa cocks, autofellatio and asses that are so bubbly and phat you’ll be blubbering like a fish outta water when you see them! Also balls! Balls so big, heavy and shiny that I actually want to call em’ ‘bawls.’ What else do I need to say?


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