Why do we love interviews so much here at NGP? Sure, it’s always fascinating to learn about a creator’s motivation, but what is so compelling about getting the scoop directly from the creators?

Perhaps it’s the furtive glimpses we get into the mind of an artist, perhaps it’s the story behind an inspiration or epiphany.

We’re not the only ones who are curious about all this! Mr. X-Bash has been digging into the minds of creators for a while now, and we’re absolutely pumped to be featuring their stellar creator interviews once a week!

For those who don’t know, Mr. X-Bash is a dedicated creator who conducts and curates gorgeous interviews with artists and cosplayers. The interviews, however, are so much more than just basic Q&As, they’re meticulously made, high quality, magazine-style products.

Each interview features a scintillating selection of high definition works alongside the interview, and it’s a fantastic way to discover new artists.

I mean, seriously, the interviews are gorgeous; you could print them out on glossy paper, staple them together and put them on your coffee table. Just…put em’ away when your family comes to visit? Or don’t!

Did I mention that they’re totally free?! That’s right, there isn’t a single excuse for anyone not to enjoy these interviews. Bash’s catalogue is extensive and growing more all the time. Give em’ a follow on twitter, and if you like what you see, check out their Patreon!

You can catch the interviews anytime on their website, but we’ll be featuring select creators on NGP every week from here on out!

For this week we’re starting off with Jester! And please come back next week for more NGP x MR X-Bash content!


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