What do we finally have available in the NGP store, you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you, (whether you asked or not) ‘The Run’ series by Nonsane!

Aww yeah! This four part series is probably Nonsane’s most popular work, and now you can pick up every chapter in our lovely store. Hell, you won’t even need a pair of expensive running shoes to enjoy it, but we can’t guarantee that you won’t work up a sweat 😉

The Run part 1

Carrie is a somewhat rebellious redhead who makes the same mistake that many of us make from time to time: she agrees to go running with a friend early. Of course, making the appointment and actually following through with it are two different things, and Carrie sleeps in.

The friend in question, a raven haired babe named Stacey, goes to check on her no-show friend at her house, and what she discovers rocks her world…literally and figuratively.

Like redhead futas? Silly question, of course you do! The first part of the run series features self sucking, anal and vaginal sex, and more cum than you can shake a stick at! Clocking in at a respectable 82 images, this set will prove that there’s more than one way to get that morning exercise in.

The Run part 2

During their morning run, Stacey asks her futanari fuck buddy, Carrie, how in the world she came into her lovely cock. Carrie is more than happy to share the steaming, cum drooling story. The redhead was out clubbing with her friend, Jane, when she stumbled upon two outrageously hot futas fucking in the next stall over. Curious, and more than just a little turned on, Carrie found herself swept up into one of the hottest group sex sessions of her life.

Punky futanari, bathroom sex, transformation and loads upon loads of hot, sticky girl cum: do I really have to say anything else? This 109 image set is amazing, and in my opinion, it’s even hotter than part 1! There’s something seriously satisfying about watching two futas double team two girls, only to ‘infect’ said girls with lovely, throbbing, thick assets of their own. 

The Run part 3

Carrie tries to get a hold of her friend, Jane, to see if she knows anything about her little…futa problem. Jane happened to be with her during the futa foursome, and Carrie is wondering if Jane suffered any similar…side effects.

Having no other recourse, Carrie goes to see Jane at work. At first, Jane is hesitant to give any information, but after some hard pressing from Carrie, she’s forced to come clean.  As it turns out, Jane developed a little something of her own after the bathroom fuckfest, and two friends go about sharing their new assets with each other in a very liberal way.

Glasses. Yes, that can be a sentence all on it’s own. If you like futa chicks with glasses, deep throating and the idea of two frustrated futas taking their aggression out on each other, then pick up this 84 image set!

The Run part 4

As a direct follow up to part 3, Carrie and Jane decide that the best course of action is to try and get rid of their cocks. It’s a huge pain being horny all the time, afterall, but how does a girl even go about accomplishing such a task? They both agree (much to the delight of futa lovers everywhere) that the first thing they should try is to drain all of the cum from their system! What better way to do that than with a state of the art milking machine?

This 67 image set features all of the glorious glasses girl action of the third part with a sexy army gal and milking machine thrown into the mix. If you want to find out just how much Carrie and Jane will have to cum to get rid of their ‘problem’ or if their plan will even work in the first place, you’re going to want to pick this up!

Just FYI, Nonsane left part 4 way open, and on somewhat of a cliffhanger, no less. Don’t be surprised if you see a chapter 5 at some point; if we catch wind of it ourselves, we’ll definitely let you know!


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