The vast world of 3DX offers a huge variety of styles and artistic approaches to erotic rendering and animation. While some artists choose the path of extreme realism, mastering the sculpting of believable models comparable to high tier real life videos and photoshoots, others decide to give their characters a more personal, trademark look. Neither of these routes is wrong, as both of them offer amazing possibilities for creative outlets (and cum outlets) everywhere.

But every now and then we come across an artist that leaves their seal in all their creations. You can look at any new model they have just designed and immediately say “yeah, that comes from that artist right there”. And today, we are here to spotlight one of those unforgettable creators: MadeinLC.

Exotic and Erotic

What constitutes an “Exotic beauty” changes, of course, from country to country. But for us, the olive-skinned, strong, delightful characters created by MadeinLC, with their stunning and angular faces and blinding wet shine, definitely fall straight into this category. These are women you cannot easily look away from. They all have a breathtaking presence and a “boss woman” demeanor that would make a whole room silent if they walked right in.

MadeinLC’s three current main characters – Kiara, Zahia and Atika -, both of which sport impressive cocks, love to get it at each other for our delight, and wrap their long, beautifully modeled legs around each other.

Get the Best of MadeinLC

Understandably, after this strong introduction to a more to deserving portfolio, you will want to check out MadeinLC’s work. They do have some things on Twitter and Deviantart, but the best and latest animations and pinups are waiting for you on Patreon. Give the artist’s work a look, and if it tickles your fancy, don’t hesitate to support them on the platform, you will get great value for every single penny!


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