Cafe: All right, we’re here with the awesome artist, Wolf3DX! We’ve recently added many of their renders to the NGP gallery, so we’re super excited to speak with them and get to know them a bit more. 

Wolf, how are you today? Oh, and do you prefer Wolf or Wolfie?

  • Wolfie: Wolfie, please. Most people on Discord call me Wolfie and also, thanks for having me. <3
    I’m doing fine today, a bit exhausted from my workday.

Cafe: Wolfie it is!

Ah, I understand! Do you work full time on top of the 3D you do?

  • Wolfie: Yes, 8 hour job in a hospital ( no nursing or anything ). The 3D is mostly just a hobby, but I am currently trying/looking into doing more with it. 

Cafe: That’s awesome, but you must be very busy! From what I’ve seen of your work, checking out your Patreon and what not, you release content on a pretty regular basis. You must really enjoy making renders. πŸ˜€

How long have you been dabbling in 3D, and what sort of software did you start out with?

  • Wolfie: I currently try to do daily renders, to get a better pace and motivate myself to do more, I also post a lot on my Discord, so my Patrons get to see what I’m working on. ( Mostly commissions or the daily Webcam exclusives ) πŸ™‚

    I started with just playing around for fun in SFM and created my first account on tumblr way back. I was mostly a lurker and reblogg account for some years. In 2017, I stumbled over Artists like Fab3DX, Forged3DX and Squarepeg3D. I decided to try it myself and started with Daz Studio around July/August 2017. It was still just a little Hobby, I did on/off for over a Year. I also came around the 3DX community: the biggest for me probably has to be Fab3DX, who became a close friend of mine and helped me out a lot, still does from time to time.

    When the NSFW content got banned from tumblr, I was one of those who took their refuge on twitter. I started to “revive” my 3D a bit. Later in 2019, I managed to save up for a new GPU, which enhanced my renders A LOT. I doubled the amount of CUDA’s and it made it way more fun to do this work.

    This is probably one of my first ever renders I did with Nika. She is my first model and will always be my number 1.

Cafe: Excellent! I wouldn’t have guessed that you’ve only been doing this for a few short years: the quality and style of your renders are exceptional!

Fab is a super cool artist, I’ve worked with them a bit and they are very helpful! One of the best things I’ve noticed about the 3D community is how much inspiration artists glean off of each other.

Speaking of Nika, I did want to ask you about your characters. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’ve got, what, 5 now? What was the inspiration behind Nika?

  • Wolfie: Good Question, not quite sure what it was… but probably the closest guess would be, that I pictured a girl/woman that I would like/love to have as a girlfriend. Haha! It took me a while to get her to where she is now.

    For my other Girls, currently there are ” officially ” : Amelie, Faye, Marie, Nadya, Nika, 2B ( My own cosplay version ), Faeniara and Furya. Faeniara is a dark-elf and Furya is a red skinned demon girl ( she later turned into Faye )

Cafe: Oh, very cool! I had no idea there were so many.

Your style is reminiscent of old school pinups with a modern flare, and from what I’ve seen, it’s almost exclusively females. What are your opinions/feelings on futa characters and do you ever plan on making any? No harsh judgement either way πŸ˜€

  • Wolfie: No judgement needed: I do like futa’s and the idea behind it since I first watched Bible Black.

    But only for myself, even though I’ve been asked to do it multiple times. I did have/had a hidden character that I only introduced once, and she was a futa.

    But, I decided not to do any of that: there are enough artists already doing it and I don’t want to jump on that train: I’ve seen other artists do it and maybe a bit too much.

Cafe: That’s totally fair. There are so many futa specific artists out there that the market is pretty well saturated; so much so that we’ve written articles about it! Not speaking about anyone specifically, but it does seem like many artists jump on the futa train just for exposure. I think futa, like every genre, should only be done if the artist actually wants to do it.

I, for one, am very happy to see female specific renders πŸ™‚ it’s hard to beat classic beauty, and I don’t think any of your girls need the extra equipment!

You mentioned on your Patreon that you’re looking to do a bit more with your art in the near-ish future? Can you tell us anything about that, or is it still pretty hush hush?

  • Wolfie: Well, I can’t tell anything really specific about it, yet. I started out something a couple of months ago. More or less just a bit of story-writing with a Patron of mine. He helped me put some of my ideas into text form and added some thoughts/ideas of his own.

    That is also something that made me start doing 3D(X) renders: virtual Novels. There are a lot of them, some with pretty amazing renders. I have a lot of “fun” playing those games, some also for the interesting stories.

    So, I still am going back and forth with ideas to maybe start something in that direction. Smaller ones for example. Maybe just a single VN with around 100-200 Renders, maybe? But I can’t say more about it, since I don’t want to bring any hopes up and I really don’t want to disappoint anyone.

    I also have some people pushing me towards it. I know they would love to see Nika and the others having a Story. That’s exactly why I started to create backgrounds for them.

Cafe: That’s great, thank you for the info! I definitely know how much work goes into making things like that, so no pressure from anyone on our end! I’m sure your fans will be in total support of this, and it’s always exciting to support artists who are moving forward with their development.

Before I ask any more questions about your work, we’d like to get to know you just a bit better πŸ™‚

Do you have any hobbies outside of 3D? What do you do to relax and wind down after a long day?

  • Wolfie: Currently not much. Most of my freetime goes into Daz. Mostly try and error. I recently got zBrush and started to learn that and use it for my renders. I’ve seen some other artists using it on the fly for their renders, that inspired me. 

    But if I am not working in Daz, I am playing Games or watching something on Youtube/Netflix. Nerdy stuff mostly. I do like everything that is MCU or Star Wars. When the time gets better again, probably inline skating, too. 

Cafe: Sweet, I love inline skating! 90’s forever! πŸ˜›

Okay, fun question: You’re standing in line at a coffee shop with an extensive menu, what do you order?

  • Wolfie: Starbucks? 

Cafe: Sure, why not?

  • Wolfie: Back when I worked in a different town and had to drive there via train. After a late shift, I’d go there early before going on the train. I mostly ordered caramel lattes or just a coffee with Milk and Sugar.

Cafe: All right, all right, always a pleasure to meet a fellow coffee drinker πŸ˜€

Getting close to the end here, thanks for sticking with us!

If money wasn’t an issue and you had access to all the resources you needed,  what kind of ‘dream project’ would you try to put together, if any?

  • Wolfie: That’s a tough one, hmmm…

    If money wasn’t something I had to worry about, maybe something to help other people or trying to build something like a community or just my own game studio for lewd games. I don’t know. But probably mostly would try to spend it for a good cause.

Cafe: Hey, that’s fantastic! I appreciate your sense of community tremendously; we definitely need more people like you who are willing to help artists out πŸ˜€

On that note, we come to the very last question. Do you have any advice for new artists who are just starting out or people who want to try 3D but aren’t sure they’ll be able to do it?

  • Wolfie: Hmmmm… I would say, just download the program that you want to get started with, maybe look for some beginner tutorials. Also, Meshlights and 3 Point Lights are mostly the key. πŸ˜€

Cafe: You know, that’s excellent advice! No better thing to do sometimes than just jump in!

Thank you so much for your time, Wolfie, and for being kind enough to join our community here at NGP. We love your art, and we’re more than happy to stick around to see what you come up with in the future! I personally want to wish you good luck with your projects, and cheers to more amazing 3DX!

  • Wolfie: Thank You! I hope that your projects also grow and get more attention! Thanks again for having me and for the interview. πŸ™‚


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  • Wolfie, April 30, 2020 @ 8:49 pm Reply

    Thanks for the interview, was a fun talk! πŸ™‚

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