Cafe: Hello everyone, we here at NGP are beyond excited to talk with an artist who needs no introduction! Agentredgirl, thank you so much for your time, today, how are you?

  • Agentredgirl: Well, I spent the entire week trying to put the finishing touches on my upcoming animation, and today I set up my final render so… I am relieved/stressed/tired/worried/excited all at once.

    ^ Also, thank you for having me! My brain is a little frazzled right now. It’s been a long week!

Cafe: Hey, no worries, I’m right there with you. It’s a strange time we’re living in, right now.

And wow, That’s a lot of emotion happening all at once, I’m certain that the outcome will be worth it. Since we’re talking about being stressed and tired, (among other things) what do you like to do to unwind and destress after a long day, or week, in this case?

  • Agentredgirl: Well, this may sound very nerdy but my go-to when I am really tired and I really want to turn my brain off, is Minecraft YouTubers… StressMonster101, MumboJumbo, Grian, and Iskall85 mainly. I’m very much a homebody so 99% of my hobbies outside of work consist of consuming various media on various platforms.

    Aside from the Minecrafters, I do love watching a bunch of shows on Netflix and TV as well 🙂

Cafe: That’s awesome! Naw, I think you’re among friends if we’re talking about being nerdy :D.

What’s your libation of choice? Coffee, tea, or something else altogether?

  • Agentredgirl: I am in a long term committed relationship to Coffee. I drink as many cups per day as I possibly can..
    Nothing fancy… just Dunkin Donuts coffee with some sugar free creamer.

    Though, I do love lattes and sometimes I will go get one on the weekends. I just hate paying $4 for a drink.
    And also Bai water is my second favorite drink 🙂 that’s my special treat whenever I am feeling the need to spoil myself.

    ^ Black Cherry bai water
    (this reply brought to you by Bai Water) #ad

Cafe: Ha, you’ve got a great sense of humor! Past that, I knew there was a reason I liked you: I too, am a staunch coffee addict. Long live the caffeine fueled!

Last personal question here, and also perhaps doubling as advice for other busy artists: How do you balance your workload (which I know is impressive) with other life priorities?

  • Agentredgirl:Hmm well… I don’t know that I do anything exceptional in that regard. I really do not have much else going on in my life other than this, and I am 100% ok with that. I love animating for a living and I dont always consider it work. There are some days where I can go for 12 hours straight without even thinking about it.

    The ONLY thing I USUALLY do is force myself to step away from the computer during the weekends.
    Unless I am working on something special or near the end of a project.

    I usually try to get a really big scene done on Thursday/Friday so that I can set up a render over the weekend and not feel guilty for not working, because at least rendering is getting done.

Cafe: That’s wonderful. I know there are so many artists that love what they do and would enjoy nothing more than to live through their work.

Definitely important to take breaks though! I write full time, and it’s great, but it’s all too easy to work those long hours without stopping.

Still, it makes me very happy to know that you’re so passionate about what you do. Your dedication and time can be seen through the quality of your work; it’s quite evident!

Alrighty, let’s talk a bit about your work! I think most people know that you focus on animations. 

I believe some people underestimate the sheer time, cost and energy (both resources and human) that can go into making animations like “Amy’s big wish”. On average, about how long does it take to finish even one minute of animation?

  • Agentredgirl: It varies quite a bit based on what’s going on in a scene. As an example, today I finalized the final “sex scene” for my next animation. The scene is around 39 seconds long and this particular one took me around 30 hours to finish. That is not always the case… sometimes I can get a 20 second scene done in a single day of work.

    Now granted, I have zero professional training and I am still learning as I go. Hopefully in the future I will be a bit faster at it. But regardless, it is always going to be a time consuming process if you want to make something look pretty.

Cafe: I see, so even on a good day, 20 seconds of video is a win. That’s some great perspective.

I definitely want to ask you more about your work, but first, how about a little background?

What got you into this kind of work in the first place and what did you start out with?

  • Agentredgirl: Well, I have always been a really big fan of animation. I really, really love 3d cartoons/movies, especially those by Disney and Pixar. I used to doodle and make 2D animation but I always wanted to make my own Disney style cartoon

    When I was a bit younger I was introduced to futanari by a friend and I kinda fell in love with that fantasy. Anyway, if you fast forward a few years, I was working for a big evil company.

    I did very well at my job and received a bunch of recognition for my work there, and all of that was great. I was very thankful to have a job that I was good at… I just wasn’t happy or fulfilled. In my spare time I started toying around with the 3D software ‘Poser’ for fun. My very first animation was actually entirely done in Poser.

  • That’s actually not my first animation, that’s like my 10th, but it’s the first one I saw to completion. But I was just doing it for fun and to learn how to do it as a hobby.

Cafe: Ah, I’ve seen this, it’s fantastic!

If a future version of you time traveled back to the start to tell you how prolific your work would become, how would you have reacted?

  • Agentredgirl: I never ever dreamed of or thought I would ever be doing this for a living. I don’t even believe it now sometimes… I doubt past me would believe this was a possibility. I feel so very thankful to everyone who supports me and these projects because it is literally a dream come true to make these animations happen.

Cafe: That’s awesome to hear, truly. Like I said, it’s obvious that you love what you do, because it shows.

I’m going to indulge myself for just a moment to say that I’m personally a huge fan of your work! I promise I won’t gush too much, but I love both your style and your animations.

On that note, many of your animations feature some “family” themes. I’m actually a fan of that, too, but I know some aren’t. Have you received any real negative criticism towards your work because of the themes? I remember you having some issues with patreon some time ago because of the title of your work.

  • Agentredgirl: I don’t think anyone has ever come to me and spoken negatively about the themes except for Patreon. Unfortunately, my livelihood depends on them, so I had to make some adjustments to things.

    And I am so glad you enjoy my work 🙂 I really hope you like the new series Amy’s Big Wish! I think it’s going to be a whole lot of fun and hopefully the story itself will intrigue and surprise you as time goes by 🙂

Cafe: Yes, I’m looking forward to it! Your stories are awesome; one of the reasons your animations are so sexy is because the characters have a comprehensive story that gives them motive.

How do you go about conceptualizing your stories and developing/adding new characters?

  • Agentredgirl: My animations and stories are always on my mind… and a lot of times ideas come to me while laying in bed trying to fall asleep. My mind just kinda wanders around coming up with ideas. Sometimes I will stop and write stuff down, sometimes I will just lay there thinking of scenarios and connections until I fall asleep, then write somethings out the following day. I have 0 real process in that regard.

    I also have a few patron’s that I run ideas by and take ideas from that help me as well.

Cafe: Sweet! That sounds like a very natural process, an “anti-process” if you will, which is often the best kind.

Have you ever considered making any straight/non futa content? Not that we don’t love futa (we most certainly do) I know you’ve dabbled in some anthro stuff.

  • Agentredgirl: I have thought about it a little. However, I love futa and I feel like if I switched things up a lot of people would be disappointed… including me! I just do not feel any type of passion about making a male + female scene or story. I like making these cartoons partly because it’s a fantasy, something that isn’t real. I think making something that cannot be, makes any animation a lot more fun and interesting.

    On a side note, I do have a futa + female story in Amy’s Big Wish :slight_smile: It will actually be one of the main stories told.

    To me, making a “straight” animation would be like Disney making a cartoon about someone going to the grocery store and buying bread and mayonnaise. It’s just not exciting and it fulfills no real fantasy for me…

    That may have come across a little weird but I guess what I am trying to say is: I enjoy this because it is fantasy based, first and foremost.
    As per anthro stuff, that 100% checks the “fantasy” box… and I do have plans to have quite a bit of that in Amy’s Big Wish!

Cafe: I totally understand and usually, I feel the same way!

Last question here! Do you have any long term goals/aspirations? In a perfect world where all the stars aligned, would you be doing anything different/more with your work?

  • Agentredgirl: I do have a few dreams that I am trying to make come true. I want to make Amy’s Big Wish a 15 episode series. That is what I am working on right now. Eventually, I would like to hire additional animators to make episodes faster and one day make a full length movie that rivals Disney/Pixar in quality.

    I think I am working toward making those dreams come true and hopefully one day it will happen. Another dream I have is to make a game version of Amys Big Wish. I have a friend who is a game designer and we have laid out some basics for that as well. Once I have all the assets/rigs/sets done for Amy’s Big Wish, I plan to look more into that.

Cafe: Movies, games, that is all quite ambitious! I’m absolutely certain that you’ll get there! As it sits now, you seem well on your way; I don’t think anyone who follows you closely would even dream of stopping now.

Thank you so much for your time, we really appreciate you talking with us, and we are exceedingly stoked to see the end results of your hard work.

  • Agentredgirl: Thank you for speaking with me 🙂 It was fun and I can’t wait to share my upcoming animations! I hope everyone enjoys them!

    I have a fairly big surprise coming up next month. It’s something I don’t think anyone expects; I will just leave that out there for those who care to speculate.

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  • Tak, April 11, 2020 @ 11:59 pm Reply

    Thanks for making this wonderful interview, I was always interested in Red’s character and always wanted to know more about her, I honestly have really high hopes for the future of her work. Anyways thanks everyone I genuinely appreciate it

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