Seeing your favourite video game girl straddle some inches is good and all, but it’s also great when 3DX artists come up with their own characters and stories we can fall in love with – and share some sexy adventures! Especially when said artists are so much in connection with their community, sharing commissions and asking for feedback on their OC’s and rendering styles. 

Let’s take a look at the work of 3DX artist Zen (A.K.A. 3DZen), a very prolific and versatile creator who offers us the most scintillating characters and scripts in his 100+ image sets!

Girls having fun in their apartments? Sign me in!

Over the past few years, Zen has graced us with his delicate, feminine renders of women (with or without dicks) who love to have a nice time with each other. The artist invites us to watch their naughty shenanigans in his story sets, from a teacher giving a beautiful bad girl a lesson for her skimpy school uniform, to a shy girl who gets to score with a supermodel in her apartment, and who could forget the (for now) two-parter Shades of Darkness, where the female cast must prevent their eviction by engaging in some not-very-virtuous work activities!

Monster sex fans, anybody?

Mundane adventures, however, are far from being the only thing you can find at Zen’s catalogue! Fantasy settings are also big here, with unsuspecting maidens coming in close contact with all sorts of monstrous males. Zen seems to have an affinity for vampires in particular, so if you love to see some delicate beauties captured by the otherworldly allure and cock of the nosferatus, now you know which Patreon to head to!

There are currently hundreds of images available for his supporters. If you toss the artist a coin, you will get early access to plenty of image sets as well as special, exclusive naughty endings. Take a look at the artist’s teaser and consider giving them your support in exchange for some juicy, juicy material! 

Here at our store we have plenty of material from them, including their freshly published Resident Evil XXX! A hot sexual parody portraying the misadventures of Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine and their encounters with some naughty, naughty zombies!


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