There is a strange phenomenon that’s pervasive throughout 3DX. It’s so obvious that it’s sometimes imperceptible, but once you notice it, you can’t un-notice it.

Where are all the dudes in 3DX?

Now, I’m not saying they don’t exist. Sure, you can find them here and there in certain sets. Usually, they’re as unrealistically chiseled and Adonis-like as the females are overtly busty and flawless. If you’re actually looking for straight content, however, you might be surprised by how long it’ll take you to find it.

It’s hard to not mention Taziota when talking about straight 3DX Porn – Artwork by Taziota

You don’t really see this issue anywhere else. Real porn still has plenty of males in it, along with erotica and manga/comics.

So why 3D?

Dicks without dudes

There’s one genre that’s taken 3D by storm over the past decade, and yes, you guessed it, it’s futa. You would be hard pressed to find any art medium that has more readily assimilated the Japanese inspired fetish. Futanari, dickgirls, newhalfs, whatever you wanna call them: if 3DX had stock they’d be one of the biggest shareholders.

Did you know you can have hot ‘lesbian’ sex with dicks and penetration – artwork by Forged3DX

 Now, we’ve covered this topic before, so I won’t delve into the why of futa’s popularity.

If you wanna give it a read, check it here: Futanari Fascination

In the context of rendering, futa makes a lot of functional sense. For however many male models and assets there are, there are times and times more female ones. Slap a dick on em’ and ship em out. It’s not complicated: the average consumer likes boobs. Creators like to give the people what they want, so they make content with more well breasted characters.

This has led to a bit of oversaturation in the futa and lesbian genres. It’s a side effect of great demand, but it’s not a horrible thing. A few creators may have to do a bit more to get their work noticed in such a market, but as always, an artist can set themselves apart with quality and consistency.

A dynamic issue

The dwindling presence of traditional male x female content in 3DX isn’t anything to panic over. After all, the consumers dictate (to some extent) where the market goes, and this is no exception.

But why do we need it? Why does it even matter?

We don’t need to maintain straight porn to fulfill some traditional, arbitrary continuance. Likewise, we don’t need it simply for the sake of variety. Nothing created should exist only for the purpose of filling a niche, and when it does it always lacks conviction.

We need straight porn for its dynamic. Humans are complicated creatures, and our relationships with each other are no less so. We need the entire spectrum of gender pairings in 3DX; not for the sake of representation, but to present our rich, interpersonal connections.

The relationship between male and female characters is going to be different than futa x male, futa x female, or hell, even girl x girl. We’re not just talking about sex, we’re talking about how the characters interact with each other.

Hot straight girls enjoying sex with dirty old men – artwork by Jared999d

Imagine a scene involving a lone woman. She’s naked and obviously ready to rumble, and someone is walking in to rock her world. It could be anyone: a female, a male, a transexual, even someone non-binary. It could be a mutant, an alien, a monster, whatever, the point is, no matter who enters the scene, they’re going to change it drastically.

The dynamic between the characters is going to shift; the mood and feeling changes, and that’s completely unavoidable. This isn’t a bad thing, but it’s important to realize the differences.

Every option has its place, and the individual dynamic between pairings can be a wonderful experience, provided we are willing to accept it.

I want it al

We need straight porn like we need any other kind of porn, again, not just so we can say we have it, but because each genre and pairing has an irreplaceable uniqueness.

If our sexy videogame vixen can have it all, why can’t we!? – artwork by Detomasso

Don’t get me wrong, I love futanari and lesbian genres, and I am not suggesting we make less of it, but I really would like to see more straight content in 3D, and I know I’m not alone in that. What used to be ‘standard’ is now oddly niche, and I’d hate to see something so important go away because people deem it boring. It needs to be explored, like every genre, and we are no more at the end of that trail than any of the myriad others.

This is just a consumer observation, but it seems to me that some creators make futa and lesbian content mostly because it’s popular. If an artist wants to make straight content, they may think twice, perhaps becoming worried that their work might not get as much attention.

I say, go ahead and make it if you want! If it’s less popular, so be it. It can always be challenging to balance what you need to create vs. what you want to create, this I know, but it’s important to make time for what you love.

This is the last thing I’ll say about it: These days I get a peculiar feeling when I see straight 3DX. It’s almost like a rediscovery, when you find something you used to enjoy, but forgot about somehow. All in all, straight 3DX isn’t dying, it’s merely in hibernation. Who knows how long it will sleep, but I hope it has a resurgence in the coming years.


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