The Nextgen storefront is ready for take off! We are beyond excited to bring you this news, and with it, a few sneak peaks of some upcoming releases.

Before we get to that, however, I’d like to introduce the store and give a rundown of what Nextgen is all about.

What we do

We love 3DX and we want Nextgenporn to be a place where fellow 3D enthusiasts can share our obsession! Between news, scintillating articles, opinion pieces and interviews, we strive to be your go-to for everything 3DX. The storefront is a major step towards that goal, serving as an easily accessible hub for high quality content.

Why choose Nextgen?

-Currently, there aren’t a ton of options for purchasing 3DX. Some sites that sell content can be hard to navigate, while others can be quite expensive. One of Nextgen’s goals is to simplify the process, making it easier to find the kind of content you most enjoy, and to offer it at reasonable prices.

  • Many creators want to sell their content (as they should!) but don’t have the ability to host sales. Nextgen wants to work alongside creators to get their work published!
  • Free promo support for content creators, promo artwork, story-writing support, V.A. services all included for free.
  • We care about the content just as much as you do! We want to help consumers support independent artists and give everybody the chance to discover new favorites.
  • Fair prices for consumers and above industry standards commissions for artists, again we’re here to spread our passion of 3D Porn.

Need more reasons? How about some awesome content from well established artists like Nonsane? We’ve got their entire catalogue!

Nextgen is also going to be hosting some stellar content that can only be found here! We’re stoked to be a part of so much action, and you can bet that we’re going to keep on going as long as creators are rendering boobs!

Here’s a sneak preview of some Nextgen exclusives.

“Waking the Dead” remaster by VGbabes3D (Jester3D)

Lara discovers a tomb that houses a long dead zombie…or so she thinks. Her ample assets seem to reawaken more than just history as the well endowed undead begin to “rise” from the grave, and the fun ensues! 

This set is a full overhaul of one of Jester’s classics, complete with a sleeker, bustier Lara!

“Bared Intentions: a futanari love story” by LewdFutasy & SolitaryCafe

If you like shy futanari, muscular women and cheesy love stories, this set has your name on it! Join the  nervous Vanessa as she survives the last day of the college semester…along with the flirtatious bodybuilder, Monica. This beautifully rendered, fully narrated (over 5k words!) 80 frame set is sure to satisfy those who are keen on passionate sex and shower scenes.

Of course, opening the shop is just the beginning. We plan on regularly updating our released content list, and we’ll be making all sorts of changes as the site grows and develops.

We’re psyched to offer all of this and we look forward to building a better 3DX experience for everyone. We would love to hear your suggestions/comments, feel free to drop us a line  in the comments or on twitter!


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