Futanari, or ふたなり (In Japanese) is a term that literally means ‘dual form’ or ‘of two kinds’. The term itself is sometimes controversial, but for the purposes of erotica, renders and this article, it refers to a fantasy that only exists in fiction.

Regardless of what people may or may not refer to as a futa (there is no end to the debate) we can all agree that a futa is a chick who’s packing a dick. There’s usually a pussy present, (full package) sometimes not (these may be referred to as dickgirls) but the all mighty, ever present penis presents itself in a very distinct, obvious way.

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So gosh, all that being said, why is futa one of the most explosively popular genres in porn? Especially in 3D? The answers are as numerous as political threads on reddit, but here’s my take, as both a consumer and long time author of female à la peen content.

Universal appeal

I love talking to fellow writers and artists. Over the years, I have spoken with many different creators whose gender, ethnicity and tastes have been all over the board. Despite these differences, and more often than not, many of these artists share my love for the futanari genre. Why? Because a woman with both a penis and a vag transcends labels and alleged gender ‘roles’.

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I’m not sure why futa makes anyone question their sexuality, though that seems to be a recurring side effect for newbies. A futa can cater to anyone, of any gender or sexuality, simply because we can all relate to them. We can understand the strumming, burning need of having a wet pussy that is begging to be stuffed, and inversely, the throbbing, aching desire of a rock hard cock that’s ready to blow. Futanari embody both masculine and feminine characteristics of sexuality, giving them a much broader appeal than people might think.

The psychology of a character

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This may not apply to everyone, but one of the most interesting things about a futanari (to me) is considering how they’re built as characters. How do they tick? What makes them compelling besides the fact that they are dual gendered? Most successful futa themed works focus on some aspect of the character(s) that’s not inherently sexual. It can be the way they deal with everyday life or their struggle to fit into society. Often, there’s a focus on their excessive cum production and unabating libido, which, while tropey, is overused for a reason: It’s really god damn hot.

So, it’s not just about a character being hypersexualized (as many people accuse); there’s an entire mental and social aspect that presents itself. As a content creator, the story potential for girls with cocks is staggering, endless and extremely versatile.    

Making peace

image by @nothingmore3d

Even for those of us who have come to terms with our inevitable love for futa, we may not fully realize our obsession. If my long winded “futa is all” philosophy isn’t enough for you, I present for your careful consideration, the following base observations.

Most people enjoy watching a beautiful lady getting pounded and taking a big hot load somewhere in or on her body. However! Some people don’t wanna see the dude, they just wanna see his dick doing the work.

How about lesbian porn? Tons of people love to see some soft bodied hotties going at it, but sometimes, it feels like something is missing. Even the strictest “no boys in my porn” crowd occasionally craves some dildo action.

Gee, if only there was a way we could fulfill all of our wildest fantasies in one place…oh yeah…


image by @nothingmore3d

Come on, what’s not to like about it? You get all the straight action with more boobs and perfectly gender fluid characters that can fulfill any role you please. From the ripped and muscular to the delicately feminine; there is a futa for everyone. Solos, pairings, even orgies, there is no order that these fine fictional creatures can’t fill.

You can stack em’ on top of each other! They can fuck each other at the same time! You can choreograph a lesbian bukkake scene!

Ahem… you get the point.

Putting the ‘D’ in 3D

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Few mediums of porn have been affected by futa more than 3D. I mean, the genre has BLOWN UP within the rendering community in the last decade. As stated in previous articles, this is probably because it’s so much easier to work with fantastical themes when working in rendering. There’s live action ‘futa’, of course (I’m looking at you, Japan) and that has its place, but since it uses props and real actors, it’s pretty much forced to be gonzo and almost slapstick in some cases.

3D, however, gives futa, as a genre, the chance to not only be believable, but downright gorgeous and dare I say, respectable. With 3D, there’s no limit to how well endowed a female can be, and that’s before we start throwing in other fantasy themes like growth and transformation.

image by @nothingmore3d

In the end, am I biased in my opinions? Absolutely. I have to say, though, even if you’re not a fan, you’ve got to acknowledge the impact that futanari has made on the NSFW community. Like it or not, futa is here to stay, and it’s becoming so widely accepted and loved that it’s quickly being considered mainstream.

All artwork in this article is created by the amazingly talented artist nothingmore3d


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